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[ ! ] Please read carefully before you follow [ ! ]

∆∆∆ Welcome ∆∆∆


- This is my comfort zone so feel free to bub me
- Personal account ( not 100% anitwt)
- Multifan but currently into hypmic swamp and paradox live


* Merch collector * 夢女子 * Selective
() Please expect some random tweets from me, as i already point it out that this is my personal account
() Sometimes I do 'yume'
() From time to time will post my merch collection
() My DM is always open if you want to talk so feel free to hit me up
☆ Please note that I won't engage in any conversation that revolves around my NOTP, or other things that makes me uncomfortable.
☆ I usually tweet my own analysis that peak my interest (especially about MTC)
☆ ハマ女
☆ I'm quite selective so don't expect me to follow you back asap.
() I rarely talk about ship but i have my NOTP and OTP.

[ ! ] Especially if I know that you have a discourse with my friends or a self righteous prick,back off and learn to respect and treat people well ^^


☆ You hate Mad Trigger Crew, GTFO
☆ Oshi centric
(this refers to MTC stan that focus only on either 🐴/🐰/🐦 )
I don't care if we stan the same division but if you can't appreciate MTC as a whole, I REPEAT IF YOU CAN'T APPRECIATE MAD TRIGGER CREW AS A WHOLE BACK OFF.
[ ! ] I don't want to associate with someone who wouldn't bother to look at the other two but constantly being loud 🐴/🐰/🐦, MTC have three freaking members not just Samatoki/Jyuto/Riou but all three of them.
☆ Racist
☆ Self righteous pricks | in another words you force your opinion towards people :p
☆ Bullies
☆ HQ is your main fandom
☆ Ship any of my NOTP (this does not apply to current moots)

- RiSabu / SabuRio (Hypmic)
- AtsuHina (HQ)
[!] RiJyu (conflicted atm but i can still tolerate it)
I have a bad experience regarding that ships above thus make them my NOTP so you know with 'who' you might hype with.

My top ultimate comfort ship
- - - Hypmic - - -
☆ MTC 3P (Family/Bromance/Romantic ) [ ! ] bot!🐦
- 🐴🐦
- 🐦👔

- - - Hetalia - - -