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RTs + spam ! MMD, Enstar, Otome, A3, BL + 2D trash - 20↑歳 - F/R/B ご自由に - | Reprint Prohibited | Arashi's my 👑 A Knights' Soul ⚔ http://k8website.carrd.co


Hello ! 《《o(≧◇≦)o》》

シン ( Shin ), シナノ ( Shinano ) or ♞🅺 𝟪 ( K8 )

※ Reprinting & Re-posting is prohibited !

Welcome to my Twitter ! Wherever you're following me from, there are a few things I'd like to point out about my Twitter account. Think of these things like a warning before choosing to follow me forever (´꒳`∗)


◆ Lots and LOTS of RTs !
Which means I retweet a lot of things ! Ranging from artists I follow, Otome related products, fan-arts of fandoms I'm into, info for me remember to check out, etc etc. So if you follow me, just be aware of times when there will be a wall of RTs from me ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ

◇ Lots of SPAM Tweets !
Meaning...I tweet ! A LOT ! What do my tweets usually consist of ? Well could just be me tweeting aloud of what I think, info updates of projects, fan-girling ( number one possibility and probably what I'm doing anyways ), screaming, rants, Kaneki complains ( my pet bird ), and a lot more things I can't think of at the moment lol and YESS I DO CAP TYPING !! But not all the time ! Occasions that'll happen is when I'm fan-girling or screaming lolol

◆ Idol & Otome Mobile Games !
Since I finally got a new phone, I'm finally able to play my idol games ( ´•̥̥̥ω•̥̥̥` ) Which also means I'm in "Idol Helll" as people would call it lol I'll probably tweet and RT about events, my agony and tears, the suffering and more tears over my boys lol So just be aware of all the idol tweets and spams coming from me ! And along with my new phone means I can get more of my husbands from the mobile card apps released from it or just more Otome game hell lmao :3c

Current Idol Hell:
► Ensamble Stars ( あんスタ )
► A3! ( ENG ver. )
► iDOLISH7 ( i7 / アイナナ )
► B-Project ( ビプロ / bプロ )
► Uta no ☆ Prince-sama♪Shining Live ( シャニライ )
► Tsukino Paradise ( ツキパラ )

Currently Playing Otome:
► Sengoku Night Blood ( 戦ブラ )
► Bad Apple Wars ( PS Vita )

Currently Playing ( Non - Otome & Idol ):
► None

◇ MMD ( MikuMikuDance )
I've always been a fan of MMD, but just never really took the time to invest into learning the program till now ! I'll be posting random things of MMD I do, as well as RTs of MMD makers I admire and my own WIPs + videos I post ! Any models, effects, stages and accessories used in anything I personally upload ( whether be wallpapers, short videos, WIPs, etc. ) will be usually credited in the reply tweet in the thread.

Check my website for all the rules >> https://k8website.carrd.co/

◆ Ensemble Stars
I've just....become trash for Enstars LMAO So I'll RT a lot of fan-art and things related to the fandom because...I'm that much of a trash for them lol TT

◇ BL
I do like BL, but I usually don't tweet about it. Though, the most BL you'd be seeing from me is probably just tweets of me screaming in joy of the mangas I'm reading or retweets of any ships of BL I sell my soul too lol Don't worry though, I'll always keep it under R18 screenshots of the mangas and hold my desire to not retweet R18 images of BL. So the most you'd get is hot boys just kissing and light content ( hugging, embracing, holding hands, etc etc )

◆ 2D Husbands + Boyfriends harem !
If you haven't noticed, I love my 2D boys ∠( ᐛ 」∠)_ So there will be lots of tweeting about them. As well as RTs oh ho ho ho...So just be wary of my extreme fan-girling ( if you haven't taken the big hint yet, I fan-girl over a lot of things ovo )

◇ English 「(゚ペ)
If you haven't noticed, English isn't my first language ! My English is do-able, but I am aware that I can't spell certain ( at times simple words ), do typos ( which happens often, but when I'm fan-girling at most ovob ), do A LOT of run on sentences, etc etc. My grammar is pretty bad too but I do the best I can lol

◆ Fan-girling
Yes I do fan-girl. Over what ? A lot of things :3c But just wanted to make a note that I DO keyboard smash when at times I am fan-girling ! And tweet really fast-

◇ Gaming
I am a gamer believe it or not ovob So there are times I'll be tweeting about games I'm playing ( FFXV, Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair, Code Realize, +more ) So just be aware of times I'll be tweeting about what I'm playing (๑•̀ㅂ•́)و

◆ Fandoms !
I'm into a loooot of things, but the most I'll be talking about are:
○ Ensamble Stars ( main )
○ Idolish7
○ B-Project
○ A3!
○ Marginal#4
○ Touken Ranbu
○ Anything from rejet and Otomate / IF
○ Anything otome and idol games related tbh
○ Any anime I'm watching ( too many to list... )
○ +more that will probably pop-up later or I discover

If you're totally okay with everything that is stated above that will highly come from my Twitter, you're more than free to follow me then ! If you want to follow me, but don't want to read my tweets ( ? ) then...uhm...I guess you could mute me ?? Though that kills the purpose of following me-

( N E W ) A new feature has been updated with Twitter, where you can disable Retweets from users, so if you wish not to see my RTs then you can simply turn them off now.

Of course, if over time you don't want to follow me because you're tired of my Twitter then that's totally okay with me tbh ! After all, I do put up "F/R/B ご自由に " which translates to " you're free to Follow / Remove / Block " ! No hard feelings against you ヾ(〃^∇^)ノ♪

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