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Aah, geez! If I don’t get my dose of Yuuta-kun, my heart whittles away! I feel like I’ll disappear! 💕 eliasz he/him 20+ read link before following


welcome to my twitter page, everyone! my name is eliasz but my friends may call me lolo, i'm a 22 years old polish trans guy living in germany. hope we find a way to get along, here are few rules. (@´ー`)ノ゙

⨯ feel free to follow, unfollow and/or block, but i have no tolerance for anti-shippers

⨯ i block liberally, using both blocklist subscriptions and chainblockers on more bothersome accounts, if you think i have no reason to block you you can ask me about it on curiouscat

⨯ DON'T sb when breaking the mutual. please BLOCK if you don't want me following but otherwise just let me follow you without having to follow me, i don't expect followbacks

⨯ FICTION=/=REALITY; please don't follow if you're uncomfortable with possible problematic content like incest/twincest or exploration of abusive relationships

⨯ i don't condone irl abuse or sexualization of existing people without their consent or sexualization of real minors altogether, so if you have anything to do with this stuff I don't want to have anything to do with you

⨯ this ISN'T a problematic side account or a discourse account, this is my main so please understand, most of the content will be just multifandom rts of pretty art and me posting idk photos of my plushies. even my problematic interests are pretty tame so don't expect a lot from me!

⨯ no explict nsfw images but nsfw text and suggestive images may sometimes appear



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