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I'm going to mortgage my dead parents' house to vote for Sakura. I live in California so that'll be 80-120k votes. Jurina will NOT win. @chonangang


- please tag all selfharm and cutting (especially images and videos) even if it's a joke or a meme
- understandable have a great day

about me:
• 18
• pa, usa
• they/them (she/her is ok only if we're close)
• if u want to unfollow please softblock ^^

idols and interests
• ngt48 and akb48 okappa kamioshi!!!!
• showa idols: onyanko club, yuuyu, kawai sonoko, nakamori akina
• johnnys: sexy zone, hsj, currently getting into eito!
• bands and soloists: hikashu, chara, jun togawa, halmens, wednesday campanella
• western faves: talking heads, wilco, a tribe called quest, st. vincent, sleater-kinney, phoenix, ween, spoon, etc

my links and accounts:

i love the pink police ♥️
mak bebe sandy joa caiti sica illie lola penboy fede zouli noel syl crests jan joey ales kam michael sam shilo yasamin elena mystie anna satan nia momo.... can i kiss u (in no order ^^)