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★ | kit | they/them | 21 | ★ a small void who mostly talks about pokemon.


|kit |they/them |21 |
nyello im kit and im very small.
im friendly but im really bad at keeping in touch and continuing conversations,
but i love company and meeting new people so feel free to approach me!

i work on @PMUniverseMMO as a staff member, so please feel free to
contact me if you need help regarding that !

★things im really into rn: pokemon, zelda, neopets, servamp, sonic

-I can be a little depressive sometimes, i'm just kinda gloomy.
-I can get kinda tweet heavy!
-I don't always follow back, but I usually do if we have something in common?
-I'm not a minor. If this makes you uncomfortable please don't follow me.
-I don't care what you ship or what you like as long as it's fictional or between consenting adults.

★Please don't follow me if:
-You're transphobic/homophobic/ etc.
-You support/make callouts or make death threats.
-You're anti-otherkin. Not believing in is different than being anti.
-You think that copying people and their identity is ok.

Other accounts:
@doomhound - vent account
@dorugamon - kin account


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