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✧arтιѕт _ 18 _ ecнo ✧ icon: @OliviaMeower /// MY PERSONAL IS @AHEGUROS


♔ Echo / Chiyon / Mika
♡ 18 (December 1st)
♡ IRL magical boy (he/him)
♡ Artist
♡ Bubble Tea/Boba
♡ Future Art+Asian Studies Student
♡ Ero Guro/Horror/Dementia/Psychological
♡ Biggest Masaru Daimon+Shirokuma fan (@danganawards)

♔Art Information
>Traditional Art is PWYW/negotiable (cheap) + shipping if you want
>Due to circumstances, digital art is closed
>Because of home issues (which you can DM and ask about), I really need money.
>I will draw anything
>We can discuss prices and more, just ask

♔ Relationships

♔ Accounts
*Twitter: @musekaeru
*Personal: @aheguros
*Line: aheguros
*Skype: gurojuuzou
*Tumblr: sleepthrumyalarms
*Snapchat: musekaeru
*Instagram: aheguro


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