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Nirvana Heavenly Host


【It's only when one's terror and hopelessness reach their peak that the soul truly shines!】 #CorpsePartyRP/#MVRP/#MMRP/


Friendly reminder from the writer

my Yuuya is multiverse,main verse contained the spoilers from Corpse Party:Blood Drive

current verse:Corpse Party(canon and fanon)/Higurashi/Umineko/Mystic Messenger



Birth Date:October 23,1991

Zodiac Sign: Libra

Blood Type:AB

Height:186cm / 6'1"

Weight:72.9kg / 160.7 lb

Personal Status:Decreased(regular story line,exist as Anatomical Model in HHE)/Determinant(other verse)

Affiliation:high School student(regular CP series and higurashi)/gang enforcer(CPD2)/contract killer&believer of Mint Eye(mysme)/intern doctor(Umineko)

Likes:"the brilliance of life" (actually referred as death)/mirror/sliver accessories/dark metal music/wine/meat/knife/younger sister.

Dislikes:his family/his classmates and most of people around him/animal/lies/losing to someone/boring person/people who denied him.

Hobbies:observing human,reading,learning affection.

Weakness:parsley(allergic to it)/being denied

Sickness/Disorder: sociopathy/sadistic personality disorder/narcissism/egocentrism

Weapons:survival knife(mainly)/throwing knife/stun gun/shoot gun/hatchet/scissor/nail puller/gas-burner and poison in the science lab.

Skills:commit crime/torturing/close combat/pretending(for being sociopath)/psychological manipulation


Yuuya is a mysterious character at first, indicating nothing of his true personality. He initially appears to be a protective and strong ally, as well as sophisticated and classy with his Japanese pronouns, language, and manners, though occasionally coming across as somewhat blunt and apathetic.

Underneath this facade, however, Yuuya is a sociopath in the truest sense, withholding no understanding or comprehension of morality, affection, social interaction, or the value of life. Violent from childhood, his acts ranged from trying to beat a student to death in elementary school to mutilating animals. Many of his feelings of disdain for others stem from his strange perception of truth, firmly believing that everyone else was hiding behind a mask, preventing him from seeing their ‘true’ personality, and effectively lying to him, something he took great offense to. Eventually, Yuuya became obsessed with this idea, and became convinced that only death would reveal a person’s true side. Thus, he lusted to kill those around him. Due to his lack of understanding of others and the world, he created a false front that he projected out to the world after childhood, acting as a loner who preferred to sit on the sidelines and observe while he studied others and their interactions. In reality extremely egocentric, if people truly wish to be involved with him, then he expects them to put him at the center of things, and ‘care’ about him in the way that his family 'didn’t’.

Hand in hand with this, Yuuya displays an almost absurd amount of arrogance, a trait that, unlike much of his mind’s inner workings, he doesn’t seem to bother to hid from most, and even flaunts it in some cases. Having been repeatedly told he’ll grow up alone due to his sadistic ways, Yuuya shrugs this off on the grounds that if he is second to none, being alone won’t matter. This way of thinking evolved into a nearly delusional mindset, with Yuuya not only thinking he couldn’t lose, but firmly believing with every fibre of his being that such an event is flat out impossible.

After coming to Heavenly Host, he stripped his inhibitions away and indulged in his fantasies, putting his philosophy of truth into practice, in hopes of revealing the inner selfishness in his classmates, and finally engage in what he deemed true, honest dialogue, thus finally understanding them and, in effect, himself.

However, in Corpse Party: Book of Shadows episode 6, bits of emotions such as pity, remorse, and guilt came from his interactions with Yuka Mochida. It’s through these interactions that he also admitted to himself that he’d hoped that helping Yuka would give him some redemption and a means to atone for the terrible things he has done, indicating that he does at least hold some basic understanding of morals. Noticeably, Yuuya always dreamed of having a younger sibling, constantly saying how he would listen and love such a person, and forming somewhat of a complex around this dream. In particular, he showed fondness towards the thought of having a little sister.

He harbors a deep hatred for his family, his older brother Kouki and his older sister Haruna in particular, who he feels were always “lying” to him by telling him that they loved him and wanted what was best for him. Yuuya convinced himself that his entire family hated him and always would, and that he was living in the shadow of his older siblings, who were always taking the attention away from him.



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