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🥛 Howdy! This is Milk! You can call me Milky or Mikkun no problem.
This is my little multifandom twitter account, there isn't much to it.

× I'm an adult.
× I don't post/RT NSFW content.
× RT heavy. A little bit of everything. Mostly enstars.
× I also follow many artists and like to RT general pretty art.
× I don't condone unjustified targeted harassment.
× I don't care what kind of stuff you enjoy in fiction.
× I'm not going to get involved in anything problematic though.
× I enjoy talking to my mutuals and replying to their tweets.
× If I ever make you uncomfortable feel free to softblock or to tell me about it.

→ enstars | knightsP trickstarP 2winkP | tsukatori, izunaru, subamako, eileo
→ pokemon | gen5 | ghost type, normal type | isshushipping, originalshipping, preciousmetalshipping
→ vocaloid | len/rin/miku | shiinamota, kurageP, mothy, utataP, kikuo, hitoshizuku × yama△
→ others | sif (kotori,nozomi,nico,ruby) | bandori (popipa) | hypmic (jakurai, ramuda, saburo) | ichu (RE:BERSERK) | utapri (ai, otoya, cecil) | dreaming (shinya, shigure, yuni) | elsword (laby, ain) | madoka (madoka, mami) | no.6, shinsekai yori, zombieland saga... a lot of things. open to new ones.

@mirukkun art/OC account


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