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ENG/IND + 日本語勉強中・声優 (江口拓也/山下誠一郎)・2.5D (刀ステ/刀ミュ)・主にツキプロ/刀剣乱舞/アイナナ.。.:*☆


☆ about me
- nadya, she/her, +62
- mostly eng tweets. indo / 少し日本語 ok!
- ibdp student (might not be active sometimes...)
- my username says it all lol. ╰(*´︶`*)╯

★ twitter stuff
- F/U free. open to mutuals if we talk~
- a lot of nonsense / swearing / shitposting
- tries to keep TL borderline but am actually v sinful,, i'm sorry

- i'm very multifandom... i'm def not the kind of fan to get rly invested in something to know everything about them.
- hence! even though i tweet mostly about seiyuus, butais and idols, i still consider myself as a casual fan.

✧ seiyuus
eguchi takuya (・∀・)ノ

yamashita seiichirou
hanae natsuki
saito soma
umehara yuuichirou
aoi shouta (egushouta is ♡)

-- i like many others, such as zuuki, maeno, kouchan etc.

✦ butai
mainly into tousute and toumyu. (*´∀`)ノ゚.:。+゚

a few biases;
- tanimizu riki
- kitamura ryo
- higashi keisuke
- aramaki yoshihiko

-- still very new to the fandom, but i'm open to know more about 2.5D actors,
productions and the industry

♔ fandoms
games i'm playing : idolish7, touken ranbu
will play : b-pro muteki dangerous, tsukipara
otoges : utapri, brothers conflict, dynamic chord.... whispers jooubachi

2D : TSUKINO PRO!! (solidS/quell/soara/growth), shounen hollywood, b-project,
starmyu, zenryoku shounentachi, magic kyun, rejet, idolish7, ensemble stars
3D : TRIGNAL / kiramune / akb48 / jkt48 / tsukicro
in a nutshell, i'm in idol hell 24/7 lol

others : eyeshield 21, boueibu, nijiro days, dance with devils
best boys : ai (utapri), yagen (tkrb), king/reon (dynachord), nagi (i7) ♥

♚ links

tumblr : http://shoutan.co.vu/
-- mostly 2D and seiyuus
sometimes self-indulgent translations lol

studyblr : http://revisingpotato.tumblr.com/
-- academics and ib-related blog
i also reblog japanese resources here (since i self-study)

mutuals feel free to ask for IG/LINE


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