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ももベりーP/かな子P/乙倉P/美優P | IIDX SP六段 | SDVX SLv11G | CN: XYLOTO | デレステ: 677167785 | GBF: 12795693 | tweets in EN/ID, 日本語RTs | RTs a lot | The Power is Back?


At least it's better than carrd and listography lol (well actually might gonna make ones but i'm too lazy to do that)

The name's Gid (yes finally after these years), a.k.a. prospektiVox/pVx.
interested in music games, doujin music scenes, and the iDOLM@STER series (Cinderella Girls, Million Live). Sometimes leaning into fighting games, pro wrestling, shoot-em-ups, and maybe anime. One day I'll make music.... if i'm pretty sure i'm good enough

I'm a writer at Medium.

CG favorites are Momoka, Arisu, Kanako, Yuuki, Miyu; Five Horsegirls of Tomorrow, indeed...
ML favorites are Momoko and Tsumugi so far.

Deresute SS rank, 1407 PRP, level 176. code: 677167785 (MXスタイルズ). Ranked 890th on "Yes! Party Time!!" event (oooh yes I'm really proud at that, a once in a lifetime experience until that arisu/momoka event comes)

Milishita C rank, 754 LP, level 54. code: QW6F743E (MXスタイルズ).
GBF at level 80. (name: M.X., code: 12795693). full grid currently water

Priconne Re:Dive (name: MXスタイルズ) at level 79. Currently on a clan.

BEMANI and other Music Games
SDVX: XYLOTO, Skill LV11 Gold, VF 8.9K
IIDX: XYLOTO, 6th Dan on CANNON BALLERS, up to level 10
DDR: MOMOCANT, up to level 15, currently focusing on low levels
DM: #YPM.pVx, skill 2.9K, up to level 6.00
Taiko: noka (のか), 3rd kyu, retired?
Rhythmvaders: Xyloto, retired?
maimai: Xyloto (currently not dan ranked, rating below 10), retired?

Fighting games mains (I rarely play those right now)
smash: cap falcon, mario, fox, marth
tekken: from 7, lucky chloe, but before 7 it's always bruce (or kaz)
street fighter: ryu?
marvel: mainly magneto
kof: varies, but prefer kyo/k'

I play shumps like touhou, ikaruga, dodonpachi and ketsui (or maybe CAVE games in general), though not much nowadays.

steam: prospektiVox
PSN: SokDion
Nintendo Network: SokDion

Expect retweets, most of which are momoka drawings and such. Other than that, feel free to follow me. Because I RT alot, I'm not much into tweeting.

I'm open to any discussions, even when it comes to sensitive issues (yes, i'm talking about the "don't follow if" criteria), but I'll continue the discussion less likely because I'm not a good talker

I have 2 private accounts but you gotta DM me before i give you one of them

all of these profile infos are correct at the time of writing this twpf; subject to change.


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